Screenshot captures in Secure Shopping...

Hi !

I am perfectly aware that preventing screenshot captures in Secure Shopping is basicly a good thing.

I understand that this is a very good protection against any unknown screenshot capture software or functionality that would take screenshots without our knowing or consentment.

But the fact is that I like to keep traces of all that I buy on internet, so I’m taking screenshots of all the screens I’m passing through while I buy something and I keep these for any future reference.

Would it be possible to consider the possibility to think about allowing a dedicated screenshot capture software of our choice to make screenshots or for COMODO to add a screenshot capture software of it’s own inside Secure Shopping ?

this makes them more vulnerable

Add exception for application. Exemple:
notepad, paint… ?

Hi liosant.

I understand that allowing screenshot captures in Secure Shopping would probably make the whole thing a little bit more difficult to handle in regards to security.

But for me the importance of having screenshots of my shoppings is as great as the security.

Up to now, I have taken maybe a little bit more than a hundred of such screenshots during my shoppings, without Secure Shopping, and I never had any trouble with that.

Seeing that I may have a greater security with Secure Shopping, I would like to use it, but I would however also like to be able to make screenshots of my shoppings.

Finally I will say that if adding a screenshot capture facility in Secure Shopping would make insecure the use of it for everyone, for those who would do screenshot captures and also for those who wouldn’t, I am OK with the idea of not adding it.

But if that would make insecure the use of it only for the people who would use the facility of screenshot capture, I think that COMODO should add this facility and let the user decide by himself if he wants to take that risk or not. That risk would anyway be certainly lesser inside Secure Shopping than outside.

If it’s not possible, if COMODO doesn’t want to add this facility, I will accept it, but I won’t use Secure Shopping because it will not allow me to keep a tracking of my shoppings.

Do you understand my point of view ?

If it is an option the user has to configure it until it would be less worse. By default, screen capture should not be allowed in a secure environment.
I understood your point of view

Exactly! When I want to have screenshots I make it with my tablet. Not as comfortable as with software, but safe.