Screen res and font size


I’ve been following the release of new laptops like this one The Dell XPS 13 and 15 feature high-end specs and thin designs - YouTube
and I’d like to know how, with such high pixel density, things manage to present themselves with a viewable size: images, icons, text… I presume there must be a software managing font sizes, considering the screen is at its highest resolution by default.
Could anyone shed some light?



3200 x 1800 drools Anyway, I don’t know a specific answer to your question since I guess it can be done other ways too but in Windows you can change the size of items and text in the control panel, see screenshot.

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I had totally forgotten that option.
I wonder if it would be enough for a smooth viewing experience… let me give an example: lets say I buy a 2560x1440 and I increase the size to 125% with the Windows option. Would that increase be compatible with all sites, documents, windows, etc.? And would it feel natural, not like the size had been forced? I hope someone here uses a very high res screen and can share experiences.

Thanks a lot for the answer Sanya.

I have no idea, never used the option. :stuck_out_tongue: