screen freeze, mouse and ctrl+ alt+ del doesnt work, have to hard reset?

My screen freezing indefinately with control alt del and my mouse no longer working, i can only put down to be a comodo problem, this is the only program i have downloaded in the last few months, and am struggling to work out why it may be doing so… at first i thought it may be a hardware issue, so tried different ram, removing gfx cards etc, but the freeze would still happen, seemingly randomly, my system could go for days or even a week… and then… another screen freeze! My processor is an athlon 1.6, i use 1 gig ram. I have only started getting the freezing since installing comodo suite, and was trying to work out if it was a firewall or antivirus issue, so have now put them both in training mode at the expense of security to see if that makes a difference. Without the freezing, its a good program, and easily the best free firewall/virus suite out there at the moment, if it wasnt for either my conflicting software, or early bugs. Thanks

Training mode should only be used for short periods eg starting a game,running a process etc, please do not use CIS in this mode for long periods as you compromise your security as in this mode all applications or processes are allowed.

I would suggest you disable one part of CIS at a time firewall/ Defence+/ Antivirus to see if one of these does cause your problem.


Edit Which version of CIS do you have installed?

extent. Download the latest version of CIS, uninstall and reboot. Perform a clean install and see if the problem persist. It is possible that you have blocked a process by mistake.

If the problem persists, and you also have followed Dennis2 suggestion, then try using another product, such as ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm is no way near as good as Comodo, but at least it will show if CIS is indeed the cause of your issues.


I try and update when i can too, this one is 3.11.108364.552.
I have tried a few different versions, with no change, and reinstalled xp with the minimum amount of progs. Still crashes. Nothing shows up in the event viewer, so its impossible to work out the source of the problem. I dont think its a harddrive issue, most testing progs state they are both in good condition and functioning ok. I used to use norton and zonealarm, may try the latter out again, only way to know for sure if its comodo or not. Its been happening for months now, the crashes are so infrequent, yet the most annoying problem i have ever come across, lol. I dont fancy reinstalling xp or an entire system again, since i tried it before and it did not help. im not sure if a typical standard uninstall of comodo, without reinstalling windows, will truly remove all comodo components or not that may be possibly crashing the system, or if i would also be best to use a registry cleaner after uninstall, before installing anything new?

I’m not convinced it’s Comodo causing the problem. It may just be a coincidence, so here’s other things to try, especially judging the age of the PC from the specs.

You reinstalled XP? Was this a clean re-install?

Other reasons your PC will become unstable and lockup, listed from most common to least common (IMO):
1 Rootkits and viruses (possibly something you are installing on the PC is infected?)
2 HDD going bad, possibly writing corrupt data or getting bad sectors
3 Bad Capacitors on Motherboard
4 Power supply going bad (ofter either a fan issue or capacitors going bad)
5 Heat buildup somewhere, possibly from dust blockages or fan failure
6 Bad RAM
7 bad install of windows causing some corrupted files
8 a driver issue (make sure you have the latest drivers for your PC)

There are more, but those are some of the most common I see as a PC tech and server/network admin.

There are tools to rule out #2, and #6.

Visual checks can rule out #3 and partially #4 and #5. To fully rule out #4, try a new power supply.

For #1, to fully rule it out, I recommend a complete wipe of the HDD using a boot disk, including deleting the partitions, (which is overkill but I do anyway) and then re-creating the partition and doing a Full (Not quick) format of the entire drive, and immediately after the OS is installed immediately load Comodo. Why do I recommend this? Because I’ve personally worked on PCs where not one single virus or maleware scanner could detect the maleware, even though the drive was mounted on a clean PC, and rootkit detectors were rendered useless because it would detect and kill any app that began scanning through the system. Also, loading comodo First helps ensure that you will not become re-infected by a virus on a thumb drive or embedded in some audio or video file you play, or on some software you may have pirated or been given.

For #7, try a different windows install disc.

For #8, make sure you go to the manufacturer’s website of the PC or hardware to download drivers… This avoids viruses and helps ensure you get the latest drivers.