Scot Finnie comments about Comodo firewall

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Find enclosed the comments below:

"I will share with you that I’ve looked at Comodo and Kerio so far. Over the past four weeks, I must have received 50 recommendations for Comodo. But so far, I don’t see why. It reminds me of Norton Personal Firewall. It’s very noisy, always popping up boxes, repeatedly — even when I tell it to remember settings. In one browsing session with Firefox, I had to say “Yes, let it work and remember this” eight or nine times. And I had trouble networking with Comodo; its settings for allowing networking were tough to configure.

Feel free to write me about why Comodo is so good. I know that Neil Reubenking over at PC Magazine loved it. What I want to know is what you think though.

I like Kerio a lot better, but it may have some opposite problems. It may not be fully set up to protect you by default, which is something of a firewall no-no. Also, people who use DHCP to assign IP addresses to printers on their networks have reported printing troubles with Kerio. The user interface is terrific though. It’s more like ZoneAlarm, the software I used to prefer. And I had no difficulty configuring it.

I’ll be looking at LooknStop and Jetico next. Outpost may be too multifunction for my tastes, since it includes anti-spyware functionality. But Agnitum is working on a new version, so I’ll wait for it and give it a shot. Tiny Personal Firewall was purchased by Computer Associates last year and hasn’t been updated since. I’ve been running it on my 64-bit Windows x64 machine for about a year, since Tiny offered one of the earliest x64 firewalls."

I think it would be worth to analyze his future review and apply his recommendations in order to have the best firewall available. You can take a look at his September newsletter at:

I am a proud user of Comodo firewall and antivirus since the beginning even if I had a lifetime licence of Agnitum Outpost Pro.

Keep up the good work.
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Scott may want to stick with ZA Free or XP’s firewall instead.

Well I’ll defend Scott here, because I have used the Kerio Firewall in the past, and am now using the Comodo Firewall. So to begin with, let me say that the Kerio Firewall passes at least 5 or 6 Leak Tests with it’s Application Behavior Blocking enabled and Comodo only passes, oh yeah, all of them right out of the box. But hold on a minute, with the Application Blocking Behavior enabled Kerio only shows pop up boxes until almost every program on your PC has been utilized, where with Comodo you have to take the time to very simply set it so, oh yeah, it doesn’t show so many pop up boxes. Okay I got it. In the Paid version of Kerio Firewall it protects you against things like Personal Data Theft, where with Comodo you don’t have to, oh yeah, pay anything for it. Well I could go on and defend Scott some more here, but since I am only a novice PC user, and not very knowledgable on Firewalls like he is. I’ll just end by saying that at least when I used Kerio 4.2.2, because I had trouble with the new version of SKPF. It was almost as easy to figure out as the Comodo Firewall is, and when I asked for help about the problem I had with the new version in the Sunbelt Forum, someone who claimed they were a Tech from Sunbelt told me they were looking into it. Where as in the Comodo Forums, the two times I had questions on how to do something with the Comodo Firewall, although I was helped immediately, it was by two different people who weren’t even Tech’s. Also I found out that version 4.2.2 wasn’t even made by Sunbelt, so you can’t blame them for that version not being as easy to use as Comodo is, or for not providing as much protection as Comodo does. Besides, I’m sure once all the problems I’ve read about that the SKPF seems to be having at the moment is all taken care of. It will keep on improving with each new release, and maybe even begin offering better protection with it’s free version as well, just like Comodo has already been doing with every one of it’s new releases. So there. Glad I could help you out Scott, even though I know an expert like yourself doesn’t need it, and knows what they’re talking about.

I will first point out that i’m no expert in firewall settings, but Scott had problems with his network settings in CPF. :cry:
Well, even my 12 year old could create a trusted zone… ;D
With no problems at all, i can send files between computers and print docs.
Can someone make him a tutorial in creating a “trusted zone”? :wink:

who is scott fanny anyway, maybe he should try PC’s for dummies or something ?

Play nice people. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and level of knowledge. Maybe Scott was just testing it in an “out of the box” configuration, which doesn’t set up zones. Yeah, he should have looked further, but possibly that wasn’t the intent of his test.

ewen :slight_smile:

I agree with Ewen guys… take it easy…
there is a good saying:

"its not a shame not to know, its a shame not to learn"


First let me say I was truly just having some fun. Unfortunately I now see that this was more at the expense of Scott Finnie then I would have liked it to be, and I apologize. As a matter of fact I did try SKPF because of his well written review of it, and even liked it. The true nature of my sarcasm was really meant to be towards the product itself. Although as I said I liked SKPF, and still do, I experienced some problems with the new version and had to use an older one. This, I believe is not the way it should work, with Comodo Firewall being a good example. CPF has improvements with each new release, and an excellent Forum for help I might add. I don’t want to go on here other than to say that along with my apology I do still think however, that like myself, Scott wrote something before thinking it through and it offended some people. The punishment (if it actually did offend Scott or anyone else) may not have fit the crime though, and again I am sorry for that.


You are a gentlemen!
Thank you for your understanding and we are glad to have you as a Comodo family member.


Thanks for that Melih, I appreciate it. In my personal life I truly do try to be a kind person, however my humor obviously doesn’t always reflect this. I did feel bad enough to apologise though, and hopefully this came across while still making my point on how I feel about the Comodo Firewall. I also really do have a personal life despite all the posts I’ve made here being to the contrary. LOL. So with that I will thank you again for making me feel better about what I wrote yesterday, and for making me feel welcomed here today. Take care sir.