scores from MyITtech

i feel that this user from youtube MyITtech gave unfair scores to gdata and comodo i aslo felt that MyITtech haves favoritism to avast by at the end of avast video he did not scan malwarebytes and hitman pro to cheek if a price of malware got though avast. … …watch?v=gRw_gC6peKI

YouTube Video Title: Side by Side Antivirus Comparison - Best & Worst Antivirus Programs
YouTube Username: MyITtech

bottom line gdata should have a 9/10 not a 7/10 and comodo should have a 10/10 not 9/10 because comodo haves better zero day protection then avast and comodo is lighter then avast

mod edit: YouTubby URL broken (see below). kail

I’m sorry, that YouTube URL is unacceptable due to the level advertisement (both on the page & on the video itself!), it violates the forum policy (no reflection on yourself). But, I believe you’ve given enough for people to search for (username) & I’ve added the title as well. Plus, I merely broke the URL. :slight_smile:

do you think that comodo should get a 10/10 instead of a 9/10

I’ve no idea… I certainly wasn’t going to watch all her videos to check.

a her ??? i though it was a he

That’s a mans voice? Woo… my mistake.

now we are both ? marks in our heads

did he or she cause you any trouble in the past

Not that I am aware of.