School Project, please vote

My I am from Austria and my school made a project to support social disadvantaged and physically and mentally disabled kids. It is named “Problems of a everyday life - A week of profoundly disabled child in a wheelchair” (sorry for mistakes - translated with online dictionaries). We will get a lot of money to realize this project. We would also be very proud to reach the first place. So we will need every single vote, your vote. So I would like you to vote for this project (you can vote every 24 hours if you want). At the end of this post I will attach a link to the site where you can find our project. I will also attach a detailed tutorial how to vote (the site is German).

So here is a little description of the project:
Around Christmas our School collected money for a school for social disadvantaged and physically and mentally disabled children. They bought with that money new musical instruments which make learning much easier for them. After that we decided to be part of “Bipa-Schulprojekt”. We want to write a book in three languages (German, Italian and French) based on the everyday life of a profoundly disabled child in a wheelchair, called Julian. With the project budget we will print a lot of these books.

Please leave lots of comments and tell me what you think. Please tell me if I should add more description and pictures. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Here is the original site and there you can vote

Here is the description for the images: (sorry but the images attached are confused, start with Img1, …)
Img1: Project site; simply click the “Jetzt Voten” which means “Vote Now”
Img2: Please enter your email
Img3: Shows the message: Thanks for your vote. You will get an email soon.
Img4: Email: Hi. Thanks for your vote. Please click this Link to confirm your vote.
Img5: Thanks for your vote. If you want to vote again, you will have to wait 24 hours

Original site translated with google:

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This sounds like a great project, but what exactly are we voting on, and why do you need our email addresses?

You are voting on our idea of the project and if we reach the first place we get more budget to realize pur project. They need the email to confirm the vote, to stop cheating and without clicking the confirmation link in the email they would not count your vote. If you have more questions, please ask.

EDIT: We are not the only project, currently there are 56 projects… . This voting should show what people think is the most interesting and best planned project. Nearly every project will have a budget to realize the goals.