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hi all,

I’m a new user to this firewall (only been using it for like 3 days) but i love it, its so easy and looks awesome, but there is this one thing that is bothering me. I’m a college student and whenever i connect to my university’s wireless network, cpf’s cpu usage goes through the roof (up in the 80-90 percentage area). It would jump up there the very minute i connect to the network, stay like that for a few seconds then goes back down for a few and then jump back up again, keeps going in a cycle. This only happens whenever i connect to the school network but will work fine if i connect to my wireless network at home or anywhere else. That being the case i have to shutdown the firewall @ school so i can actually run other applications on my laptop. So i was wondering if anyone of you guys have run into this kind of problem before and possible help me because i would love to leave the firewall app. on at school.


Can you check the log of Comodo firewall when you are connected to the school network for unusual packets being blocked, maybe even in their thousands. Either something is being blocked which shouldn’t be or someone has a Denial of service attack running.

Hey there gobeac3rs297,

I had the same issue as you did as you can see here,6148.msg45341.html#msg45341. The way I was able to fix it (if you can even call it a fix) is by both changing my log file (C:/ > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > Comodo > Personal Firewall > Logs) to read only. After this I disabled the Logs for Network Activity in my Comodo since they were the ones being logged constantly (about 10 every second). You do this by clicking Activity > Logs in your Comodo control Center and then right click in the empty box and hover over “Log events from” and uncheck whichever you dont want to be logged. It isnt the best solution but at least it keeps the firewall active and blocking things without slowing down your computer. Many Universities havent gotten into the WiFi security yet and it is becoming a HUGE access point for hackers etc. Most of the connections are harmless im sure (people connecting to P2P software etc), but I had several in mine trying to use Port 2222 which is known for trojan insertion. Comodo was blocking all of them though and I have some pretty tough rules so I just decided to go ahead and get my CPU usage back by disabling the logs and letting Comodo do its thang! Hope this helps.

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Hi David & Rotty,

Thanks for the replies, i will try what you recommended and see if that will fix the situation. again, thanks a million for help.