Scheduling Options - run at startup

Let me start out saying thank you for offering such a great product for free, it has made my life at home much safer and simpler.

I have a Maxtor One Touch backup drive that I’ve had setup with an older version of CB to run a backup when the application is started. It worked so that I would hit my maxtor’s button which was configured on each computer to launch CB and then the customized backup script would start automatically.

I don’t see such an option in the 2.x version of CB, and I’ve noticed that incremental is no longer there. So I have 3 questions:

  1. Is it still possible to schedule a backup script to run automatically when CB is launched?
  2. Are you still planning on adding incremental to an upcoming release?
  3. Do you offer previous versions of your CB software for download on your site? (I don’t want to take a risk on unverified site downloads if I don’t have to)

Thanks again!


No, but you can schedule CB scripts to run with Windows Task Scheduler, or they can run every time you double click on them.

Yes. The new 3.0 version will have this feature.

Only the latest version is available on our website CB 2.2, because 3.0 is still BETA.