Scheduling Not Working

I just installed version CB_3.0.164972.96_xp_vista_server2003_server2008_win7.exe.

If I create a custom backup (Files and Folders), I can not specify a schedule for that backup that will save.

If at anytime during the creation of the job I click the little alarm clock and specify a schedule and then, click Save Schedule it does not actually save that schedule.

Once the job is created, and I edit the job, click the alarm clock, the schedule is defaulted back to Once, Todays Date, Now. If I specify a new schedule, hit save, then go back and edit the job, it is just reset to the default values.


This issue will be fixed in an update.


Just a little more information on this issue.

It turns out that it does look like it is actually saving the schedule, it’s just hard to find. After doing what I describe above, if you go to the Manage tab on the left nav, the scheduled job does show up on that calendar as a little yellow house. The backups I scheduled have run for three days in a row and are scheduled to run today as well.

So, the scheduling functionality, at least, does appear to be working.

You still can’t edit said job and have it properly retrieve the schedule, though.

You can switch to list view in the up right corner.
This view is a list of all schedules / backups / restore / sync operations.


Any idea on when the update will be coming out?

In a few days or weeks at most. There isn’t an exact date.