Scheduling issue!

I just downloading this programme a few days ago and was checking it out. Although mostly everything worked great I did have an issue with scheduling however not what others have had.

My schedule jobs work to a point.

I made up 3 folders in My Doc. called Test 1; Test 2 and Test 3. Inside each of them i did a few text messages just to make sure the folders had something in them.

Now manually works like a charm this included part of the scheduling too with shutdowns and startups with on schedule in bettween. So it was like this Test 1; schedule within 10 - 15 minutes. Test 2 when I shutdown programme. and test 3 when I start up programme. Now when I checked these on the CD-RW all 3 tests were there.

Here is my issue:

I tried to do all 3 test folders on a schedule same day just to test it out. Test 1 in 15 minutes and then test 2 half hour later and test 3 an hour later. The schedule times all started up that is not my issue. What is is the fact that after Test 1 was done and I checked to see if on CD which it was but after Test 2 was done when I checked the CD now my test 1 disappeared, And so forth!

No I do not have the check mark to erase before backing up. that would really defeat my purpose of backing up various folders at different times.
It is set as user backup and not service backup but when I changed that well it wouldn’t work at all. I also have my computer settings as classic on Win XP and I am the only user / owner / admin. So that may be why not sure but it works when in user backup. And like I said schedule works find except for the glitch in which it for some reason erases the other folders before copying the next folder.

Manually it doesn’t do that.

So I hope you could help me out I am at a lost! And this programme is user friendly not like most I have to us. ???

Thanks for any help you could give!

Hello TireBit

Welcome to Comodo forum.

Sorry no one has answered your post before now. It looks very involved and I want to see if I can duplicate your problem, so if you can wait for an answer for a couple of day I will try to have an answer for you. There may be someone else here has a solution before then so check back as often as you like.


Hello again TireBit

I had some time this evening so I ran a series of backup tests. I have some bad news and some (maybe) good news. The bad news is that I could not get results from the tests the way you wanted them to run. The problem seems to be that Comodo Backup has trouble writing to CD or DVD at the same time as it is compressing the files.

Here is a work around that worked for me. I set up a special file in “My Document” files named “Test Results” and had all three test files copy to there. This worked just fine and the compression was good. Then I set up another Test Backup #4 to run after the other three were done, which copied the contents of the “Test Results” file to the CD/DVD. This went off without a problem.

The problem I see is if this is done on a continual basis the backups will be getting larger and larger in the “Test Results” file unless each time “Tests 1” was run it was set to “copy with deleting other than source.” This should clear the “Test Results” file for the other two to add to it. I have yet to test this but theoretically it should work.

I hope this is a bit of help to you and hopefully the devs will be able to improve this part of Comodo Backup. I still say it is the best backup program that I have used.


Hello again

Just did some more tests. “copy with deleting other than source” works only if there are no macros added to the file. It will delete but only identical file or folder names. Macros change the name according to the time or date.

I then thought that possibly Test #4 could be set to a “simple move” mode. This did not work either. The files were copied to the CD but not deleted in my “Test Results” file. I don’t know why this did not work - another bug I guess.

Let me know TireBit if any of this was a help to you.


Thanks for replying! Unfortunately none of what you are saying will help with my scheduling issues! :cry: It appears to me to have a bug in the system when it comes to scheduling more then one job at different times on the same CD-RW.

From my understanding you did a test result in which you put the backup into your “My Document”! And only did one test (job) directly onto the CD-RW! Not sure if you did that one manually! If so those are not my issues. I can manually do a backup job directly to the CD-RW and do another manually backup to the same CD-RW! But if I would do one manually backup to the CD-RW directly and then do a schedule new backup job (different files) this will erase the manual backup I did first. Defeating all the work.

This is the same thing that happens when I create two backup jobs for scheduling at different time frames. Such as the first job on Mon and Wed. and the second job just on Sat. Well when the second scheduling job copies directly to the same CD-RW then my first job I created ends up being erased. I also checked to make sure I did not have the check mark in the box so it would first erase. Apearently that part of the programme is not reading the erase before backup as an unchecked box. Therefore erasing all my backup first.

I guess I could just do one backup job and put all my folders and files in that one but according to this programme you do not have to do all that! Or just set them up to run when I either shut down my backup or open it up the next day. Therefore two scheduled backup jobs will backup onto the same CD-RW that way. But again that will mean no date scheduling or weekly scheduling.

Thanks and hopefully we can find out what is the issue that I would be able to work with. Don’t really care to go and backup onto the same hard drive then burn to the CD. Window XP backup does that and so many other backup programmes. I want to be able to schedule various backup jobs directly to the same CD-RW without going through hoops! Thanks again for your help.

Hello TireBit

I did try all the options exactly as you had outlined in your first post and could not get the results that you wanted - the same as you got. That is why I suggested the work around which is not ideal but could work as a temporary fix until the bug gets fixed.

Could you send in a bug report to the developers describing exactly what you find wrong and linking back to this thread.

From my understanding you did a test result in which you put the backup into your "My Document"! And only did one test (job) directly onto the CD-RW! Not sure if you did that one manually!

This I also scheduled and it copied the three just fine.