Scheduling Backups - Not executed

I have trying to create a scheduled backup for 3 hours now and they are still not working.

I have setup a backup to execute every minute, next try every 4 hours, days… no backup ever started automatically. I also different run modes like normal oder as a service.

Every backup just stays as showed in this picture (it was AFTER 18:07, so it should be executed):

Could you please try to help me with this problem? In case you need additional information please just tell me.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

BTW: The translation of “January” in German is “Januar” not “Jänner”.


Do you have UAC enabled on your machine?

Can you please provide us the logs after the schedule is supposed to run, but it doesn’t run?
Instructions to collect logs can be found here


Thank you for the reply. Somehow - I do not know why - The backups are created now. I did some additional tries and suddently it started working with the same settings as before. I also used UAC all the time. In case you still want some logs just tell me.

Yes, I would like to take a look.
Logs have a 200KB maximum size limit, then they get over-written.
Hopefully they still contain useful information.


hope it helps

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