Scheduling a Malware Scan

I used to be a diehard AVG user for many years. AVG 8 has been nothing but problems for me and thier user forums were somewhat less than helpful so I uninstalled it from my WIN XP SP 3 system. I found and installed Comodo Firewall Pro and AV apps and I am a bit confused about them

I am able to schedule routine scans of my PC using the AV. However I have searched these FAQs and forums to see if the Malware scan can be scheduled and I have read the Firewall user guide. I found this entry copied and pasted here:

“The ‘Scan My System’ feature allows users to run on-demand scans on their fixed hard drives that will detect known malware, trojans and spyware. If malicious executables are discovered on your system then they can be immediately deleted straight from the scan results window. In addition to the proactive system monitoring of Defense+ and fully featured packet filtering firewall, the ‘Scan My System’ feature adds another layer of protection for users wishing to completely secure their systems. Comodo recommends all users run a system scan at least once per week.”

I am wondering how to schedule a firewall pro malware scan. Other than on demand, have I missed something somewhere in the user guide or in these user forums? can a malware scan be scheduled?
Thanks, you have great software and I am hoping there is a way and I missed it somewhere.



Hi BigBruce. Welcome.

The built-in AV scanner in CFP is still very young, so it lacks many features including scheduled scanning.

Thanks, do you think it will be perhaps a feature offered in the future? (S)


Let’s put it this way: CIS (Comodo Internet Security) will contain FW & full AV in one. It will be an optional security suite.