Scheduler not working..................

Do you also have to do window scheduler with comodo scheduler? If I keep the program open and in user backup it works fine but with program closed and service backup it never starts. Also if I choose the zip file option with iterations, will it delete older itterations?

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You do not need the windows scheduler set to run Backup scheduler. Just make sure that it is operating properly with username and password otherwise Backup scheduler may not work.

Backup will not delete unless you have “copy/move deleting other than source” checked. You could set an external task with a batch file to have anything you wish deleted before or after your backup.


Still not working, do I have to put username and password in comodo? Service is running in background but nothing starts. My user does not have a password since this is my home computer do I have to give one?

I am familiar with NTBackup so I am to new to backup software so I don’t know what I am doing wrong?

Is there something else that I should be doing, the documentation does not really cover a service backup.

Also, I have noticed that the date modified stamp is about 7 hours off, so when manually run a job at 12:55PM EST, it shows 5:55AM on the time stamp

I am running XP Pro with 2GB Memory

I have spybot, AVG and Super Anti Spyware running.


Hi varcom

Go here and scroll down to #67 Run task Scheduler without password, and try that tweak. I don’t know about the time stamp being off. It sounds like you have set up service backup correctly. Your other apps should not interfere with backup scheduling or running.


Windows XP SP3
Comodo Backup 2.0.99405.5 RC2
Screenshot (attached)

I’m attempting to create a backup that will run every day at 6:00 am. All is well until I reach step 4: Settings for scheduled backup. Any scheduling option(s) I try results in “Error occurred while setting the schedule” when I click Finished. Either I’m really missing something, or a fairly fundamental function of the beta is not working.


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