Scheduler not working in Windows 7 x64

In windows 7 prof. I have set the scheduler for 3 days a week. I have set all permissions on manually running of the files so they are not hidden or read only, etc. I have the CBU.exe set to be Local System Account. It is a SERVICE that is started automatic, windows task scheduler is running at all times.

Strange thing is windows 7 every thing I try to run always pops a notice that this can program be allowed to make changes to this computer? I am wondering if this sort of action is causing Comodo backup not to work as a scheduled service?


This is User Account Control that asks for your permission to allow Comodo BackUp to run.

What version of Comodo BackUp are you using?
Does diagnostics say that the application is installed correctly?
If not, please post the content of “Diagnose report.txt” in instalation folder.