scheduler: how does it work ?

How exactly does the scheduler work ?

I created a backup job which runs fine manually, but never starts automatically.
The schedule is defined as displayed in the screenshot.

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I would first ask, are you sure you have the correct destination for the back up? Perhaps you simply are not finding it. Let me know, Paul

Hi, what happened to the am/pm field in the time column.Well there is some problem in the scheduler in the comodo backup product. For me also the problem exists. Well we can hope that the comodo people will come with a solution for this problem at the earlist possible. (B)

I guess so (actually I’m quite sure) as the backup succeeds when I run it manually

Did you try the help file with it? It has some info in there that may be useful. Also, are you sure the AUTO isn’t replacing the manual backup? I’m sure it’s only a minor issue, we’ll figure it out. :wink:



I have a feeling that the reason scheduled backups don’t run is that Backup may have to be set to run at Windows Start.

This seems sort of, well . . . not so bright, to me, if it’s so. Who wants to have a backup program running all the time? Suppose you set it to run once monthly?

Why not have the scheduler create a task for Windows Scheduled Tasks, like most other programs do?

Otherwise the program works pretty well . . .

No. I don’t have mine set to run at windows start up , I simply set the option to run at a certain time and it does. And , just to mention, if in fact it’s not running all the time, how would it turn itself on to run your backup? It must run all the time just as Windows task scheduler does. There would be no way to turn it on or off.

How do you mean scheduler create a task for windows scheduled tasks like most other programs do? Just wondering. Because other programs don’t typically use windows scheduled task as a backbone to startup as it’s not alway specific enough, it may start the program but won’t alway run the application properly if specifically at all. And as I mentioned, when task scheduler is on, it’s always on much like Comodo backup and there would be no real difference whether running on it’s own or piggybacking windows. I personally would trust Comodo to run it’s own backup then trust MS.



Hi i too think like that. But there is also cahnces when the service state is not installed properly then there are alot of chances for the scheduler to work improperly. If the service state is not installed properly then try to run the CmdBkSvc.exe manually. This might be the prob i think so, If not sorry…

Good point, running that may in fact work. Try to uninstall and reinstall if consistant IF the good suggestion by HHH doesn’t work.

Ps. is the HHH for TripleH the wrestler or no?


Well, I finally got it working. I had to do 2 things;

1 - Run “CmdBkSvc.exe /install” in the command line from the folder CmdBkScv.exe is in
2 - Remove any spaces from the destination filename. ie. changed My Archives to MyArchives

Now scheduled backups work. (:WIN)

BTW I also changed from a User Backup to a Service Backup (not sure what this does, but . . .)

Hi JRd1st (:AGL)

            The Service Backup is a mode, This helps you to backup the scheduled jobs whenever you have turned on your system.You may or may not be using COMODO backup but this works and the scheduled jobs under the service backup mode works. (:KWL)
            The major difference between the service mode scheduled job and the normal scheduled job is that the service mode scheduled job works even when Comodo backup is not in use but the normal scheduled jobs works only when the COMODO backup is being used. Hope now you can understand the difference between the two.

OK, thanks!

There should be a message on the Schedule page about that. Most people, these days, don’t expect to need an app to be running all the time to do a scheduled task.

This should be added in the WISH LIST of COMODO backup. But JRD1st service backup type works only in the admin mode and will not work in the restricted user mode.So, There we must open the comodo backup in order to run the scheduled jobs in the list.

Please try our latest version, mentioned in following link:,1840.0.html

Pertaining to this thread, following issues have been taken care:

We had an issue with the installation of Comodo BackUp Service, so if it is not installed none of the service backup type jobs will run automatically. It is fixed in latest release.

Now even if you define user backup type scheduled job it will always run irrespective of Comodo BackUp application is active or not.

Please try latest version and let us know if you still see any issue with it.