Scheduled Virus Scans Issues

I setup a Full Scan to take place @ 12:00 AM this morning. I checked the Tasks within CIS and it does show that the task was run. However (see attached), no information as to outcome. According to Task Scheduler, the task ran, took about 30-minutes, and completed successfully.

Another interesting aspect of Virus Scanning is that Custom Scans are NOT scheduled within Task Manager. CIS certainly presents the user with a dialogue that suggests scheduling is a doable thing, however, when I’ve attempted to create a Custom Scan, no such reference is created with Task Scheduler. Maybe this is associated with my other Task Manager Issue as noted in a prior post. See below.

Task Name
COMODO Cache Builder {0FB77674-7905-4F34-A362-C5A9A26F8CF9}

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfpconfg.exe” --launchSchedule {0FB77674-7905-4F34-A362-C5A9A26F8CF9}

Last Run Result
The system cannot find the file specified. 0x80070002

One final question if I may; how do I run a Diagnostic to see if some of these issues can be fixed within the tool’s capability.

Thanks for your help. -SA Jack

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Hi SA Jack,
Custom scheduled scans are showing in Windows task scheduler on my system, be sure to OK both the Scheduled scans interface and the Scans interface to enable the schedule.

One final question if I may; how do I run a Diagnostic to see if some of these issues can be fixed within the tool's capability.
Click on the question mark in the top right corner of the main GUI and hover over support from the drop down menu to show Diagnostics.

Thanks for your help on two issues. I now know where the diagnostics are, and I must have not checked both OK’s when creating the Custom Scan. That now works fine.

With respect to my 1st issue regarding no real detail in the log report regarding the Full Scan run earlier this morning; is the current info provided being done by design? If so, I cast my vote for a reconsideration and inclusion of this needed information. I’m concerned about getting verification as to the statistical info provided by a scan. There were a few times in CIS 5 in which one of both of my 2 computers would not “wake up” or went back to “sleep” prior to starting/finishing a scan. Laptop was the primary problem, but I did have to setup a command in Task Scheduler on both PC’s 1-min prior to CIS scan to ensure the scan would be run (if only for a short time on the laptop). I’m glad you now have placed the running of such tasks within the Task Scheduler itself.

Thanks again for your help. Please consider updating scan info in the log file. -SA Jack

I noticed a few minutes ago that Comodo was showing 1 task being run for a long time. I took a look, and it was my Full Scan that was to have started at midnight (12:00 AM) this morning. Here are attached shots for Task Scheduler info and CIS Task Manager. It would appear that I’m still having problems with tasks being started out of CIS Based on the times shown, it would appear that Task Scheduler reported it completed the process successfully @ 12:20 AM, which is just about the time the Full Scan probably started based on the CIS Task Manager and the time that I saw this. I knew there was no way that CIS could do a Full Scan in so short a time. Version 5.12 could do it in about 22-26-min.

I guess I’ll activate that command script I noted in the prior post to see if that can “jump-start” the process as it did in Version 5.

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Hi SA Jack,
Information should be logged if issues are found, if you would like more information to show in the logs this maybe something for the wishlist.
If you decide to create a wish, please follow the wishlist guidelines to improve the chances of the developers taking notice.
Wishlist Guidelines

In regards to your scan history, sorry I am having trouble getting my head around what you are saying.
The schedule scans can alter depending on the Run only settings and whether or not the system is on that time.
The full scan can be very fast depending on optimization, cache builder settings, last DB update etc.
I have seen it below 40 seconds for a full scan.

Hi Captainsticks:
Thanks for the response.

40 seconds for a full scan? That’s amazing.

You note that much of that speed is associated with the Cache Builder. In an earlier post, I’ve noted that the Cache Builder is NOT working in my installation (See attached). The Cache Builder is the 1st entry. Also, I notice that Last Run Result is not fully visible. It reads "The system cannot find the file specified. {0x80070002}. I have made multiple check of this result, since the tasks repeats many times during a day based o n idle time. Same result all the time. I ran a custom scan this morning which included C:\ of my desktop, and did not include other drives that are attached to the PC. I was hoping that would speed things up. However, the scan took more than 5 hours to complete.

I’ve run a Diagnostic, it it concludes that all is well. Obviously, it’s not.

Thanks for your assistance in this manner.

Happy New Year in 2013! -SA Jack

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