Scheduled Tasks

Why now CIS has 3 entries in scheduled tasks? Previous versions it was not so.

CIS now uses scheduled tasks for all or most of it’s updates.

This means people can manage all their scheduled tasks in one place, and can see an overview of them and work out if they conflict. Also, by using Windows scheduled tasks, more control over priority, updates on battery power, updates in sleep mode etc is achieved.

Can I delete them?

Coz I disabled scheduled scan in GUI but in scheduled tasks it seems still enabled.

And scheduled scan in GUI is little confusing i.e Scan shows Full & Quick Scan, Active Checked & Edit shows the option to disable scheduled scan.

Now disabling either will do or both have to be disabled i.e either remove both the checks, uncheck full & quick scan or edit - disable the scheduled scan or both?

I have done both.

Re disabled. Why do this? Modules work together more now, so no scans means less files auto-added to trusted.

Lack of consistency sounds like a bug (presuming you saved) please report it.

Full scan is set to never on my machine, so you if the same on yours only need to disable Quickscan.

If you must disable, and consistency problems persist, then turn them on and off if both places at the same time.

Hope this helps

Best wishes


You mean manual scans too auto add safe files to trusted lists?

Not sure to be honest. Scheduled scans will I would think.

Please report the bug anyway…

Good that you are looking so thoroughly.