"Scheduled task could not be run"


Have been running Comodo Backup for a year without any problems backing up various files and folders on external hard drives from my Vista Dell PC.

When reorganizing my harddrives I removed all scheduled backups including the ones I have had running at when booting up/starting up the PC.

I now get an error message “SCHEDULED TASK COULD NOT BE RUN”.

I have even uninstalled Comodo Backup totally and installed the latest version but still get the same error message.

Please advice - how can I fix this problem!

Jon Risfelt, Stockholm


After reinstalling Comodo BackUp did you set up any new schedules?
You might get “SCHEDULED TASK COULD NOT BE RUN” error message if old scheduled task were not deleted from Windows Task Scheduler. Please check Windows Task Scheduler for any tasks that might be created by CB.


Emanuel - many thanks for answer. Looking at the Windows Scheduled Task solved the problem!