Scheduled Scans?

Advanced Settings - Security Settings - Antivirus - Scans - By default there are full & quick scan & “active” tab with both the scans checked. If the checks are removed, does this disables scheduled scans?

OR to disable sched scans it is required to go to individual scan options & disable in the schedule option?

I have queried this quite a few times here but no clear reply if removing the checks under “active” disables sched scans or not. Help files too doesn’t mention anything about this.

Yes, if checks are removed the scheduled scan gets disabled.

Thanks to confirm.

Under Scans both quick and full scans are not checked, but under Task Scheduler, I see an entry “Comodo Scan” to perform scans on Sunday and Thursday at 11:59pm. Do those scans still get done? If yes, what type of scan would that be?

With CIS 6.2, under scan now there is on/off tab too. So I have removed the checks & also off the scans.
Task Scheduler here shows 4 Comodo entry, cache builder, update, database update & welcome.

The check-boxes appear to be only used to aid multi profile removals now, with the introduction of the on/off switches.

I think 1 option either checkmark or on/off tab is enough to get the desired result. No need of 2 options.

So to be clear, in order to disable the scan, BOTH the check box has to be unchecked, AND the Active switch has to be “x”? If either one is activated, then the scan will happen?

My understanding is that only the Active Switch has to be ‘x’. The checkboxes no longer affect whether the scan will occur or not.