Scheduled scans

Please, add an option to disable the scheduled scans!

Or better, do it as tasks, including UPDATE and SCAN as JOBS (like Avira). That way the user can enable/disable these taks, and choose his better day/hour!

Please! :THNK

If you click on the antivirus tab, then the top right option should say “Scheduled Scans”

Click on that and it will open another window, where you can edit the scheduled scans. I think by default it has a weekly scan. If you remove that I would assume you can consider the scheduled scans disabled. Setting up another scheduled scan should be simple and is done through the same window.

There’s no way to disable “Scheduled Scans”. Tick and untick option will be helpfull.

Remove any entry on schedule scans!!!

Can’t do it!!!

And if that was possible, tick and untick schedule scans sounds a better option!

You an do it!!

I did it!! Remove Any entry on the scheduled scans screen. Select the item and click on REMOVE…done!!

Good luck!

see attached pic.

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Oh, I forgot this topic :smiley:

I don’t want remove the scheduled scans profile, I just want be able to enable/disable it, like Avira AntiVir does. I can’t figure how COMODO doesn’t think this yet.

Joker, I added your suggestion to the usability forum…see my post for details.

The link is only available to members with special access privledges, but this is basically what I posted there:

"Currently, you have to delete all the scheduled scan profiles if you want to turn off scheduled scanning. If you want to turn it back on, you have to redefine the scan. It is far more efficient and user friendly to unselect a given scheduled scan (using a check box) when you want to turn it off. "

Thanks Whoop! :-TU