Scheduled scanning, Necessary?

Personally I dont see how having a scheduled scan of my computer will prove useful if i have comodo turned on for realtime protection.


Well, then this could be argued for all AVs with real-time/scheduled scanning. You could also argue that having on demand scanning is not needed at all as well. Reason is, most people like to keep their HDD’s clean even if the real time scanner will catch it when it’s accessed.

no, it isnt nessecary but its good to do. sometime depending on your settings the scanner will catch things that your real time protection doesnt. so its good to do a nice full scan once in a while

I’m curious what you are basing this comment on. Anything in particular you feel bypasses the real time scanner?

If there are things that the real time scanner doesn’t pick up, yet an on demand scan will, then Comodo needs to rethink their scanning engine because the real time function would be as good as useless…

The reason for a scheduled scan is that it is possible for a virus to get through that has not been added to the database yet. A scheduled scan done at a later date after the threat has been added to the database will pick up the infection. Therefore, I would say that scheduled scans are necessary. Another thing is that some malware has delayed activation so if a new virus got through before it was added to the database and is there but not activated yet, the realtime scanner may not see it even after a database update but a scheduled scan done after the same update will.

If there isn’t a signature for that particular malware the Realtime scanner then the scheduled scanner won’t pick it up either… And if the signature is later released while you have malware on your system - then comodo will detect the file when the file executes in real-time scanning anyway.

why is it?

So this means that its more of a mind thing? just like webshields for example.
I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that by default it’s not needed to have a scheduled scan when you install comodo, For those people who don’t use cavs as their realtime protection. On-demand scanners have their uses too.

Great discussion guys keep it comming :slight_smile:
My view\suggestion is that if comodo is installed with the AV scanning enabled for realtime then there is no need to make an automatic scheduled scanned for the computer. ( how ever the option should still be there since some people don’t use comodo’s realtime protection )

But—will the realtime scanner pick it up if it hasn’t activated yet? I don’t think it would. A scheduled or manual scan would catch it before activation and prevent infection. I know this might be a rare occurence but I’d rather not get infected so I still think doing scheduled scans is a good idea. Removing a virus before it activates and plants things all through the system has to be easier than removing it after infection has occurred.

The only virus that has ever gotten through my defenses was the old Navidad virus that was set to trigger at midnight on Christmas Eve. It was caught by a Norton scheduled scan the day before it was set to trigger and I never got the full infection. The scenario I presented can happen.

When malware executes it is scanned by comodo, so your theory doesn’t apply.
If it isn’t detected by Real-time scanning it wont be detected by scheduled scanning. And whether you encounter this malware by execute, it will be deleted before it modifies or creates files.

What I’m saying is it necessary to have scheduled scanning turned on by default (If realtime scanning is enabled)

And I’m saying --Yes it is. What I said is not a theory it is fact. You’re not understanding what I’m saying. A manual or scheduled scan will (or should) detect an infection whether it has executed or not. I think catching it before it does is always better than having your security software try to remove it when it does go off. This is something that even the best programs do not always do completely successfully. In fact, the reviews I have read on CAV have said that it’s removal rate for existing infections is not as good as it’s detection rate. This is true of every anti virus solution I have ever read about or used. In my opinion, to be completely safe real time scanning combined with periodic manual or scheduled scans is the only way to go.

In my 10 years online i have only had the scenario I present happen once but that one time takes it out of the realm of theory and into reality.

I’m sorry Dch… But what ever is picked up from the scheduled scanning will be picked up from the realtime scanner. Detecting it earlier (before execute) will make no difference as the end result will still be the same.

I’m going to direct Melih to this thread and see what he thinks about having the scheduled scanning option turned on by default, The reason is because somepeople dedicate their pc’s to scanning at a certain time and do not use it.

According to CIS/Help Guide/Antivirus Task Center/Scanner Settings all Scan modes have a max size (defaults to 20 or 50 mb) they have overlapping options that can be configured differently along with specific mode related options.

The Realtime Scanner provides a tradeoff optimized for speed although it also able to detect samples before execute (eg before the second click of a double click or new uncompressed files written on the HD, or uncompressed samples in a folder on the desktop with a minimal lag)

  • Realtime scanner is not meant to detect samples in zipped files (eg. harmless detection test sample in
  • Realtime scanner will scan each single file up to nn seconds (defaults to 60)
  • Realtime scanner alerts will be kept on screen up to nn seconds (defaults to 120). If the user provides no answer the file will be blocked

Scheduled scanner, like manual scanner, will scan also zipped files (eg. will detect the above mentioned scanning and has no time related restriction to scan each file.

So the Scheduled scanner can also detect long forgotten samples in neglected folder or zipped files regardless if the user don’t access/run them.

Obviously each user can change the defaults to suit their specific needs ???

As i’ve been saying there is nothing wrong with manual scanning! it’s a useful tool to right click scan zip files for example, or scan whole folders. It’s that scheduled scanning is time consumming and is it really needed by default?

Both sides of this discussion are valid points. I think it boils down to user choice. Maybe the solution would be ask during the install if the user wishes scheduled scanning, and add it at that time. (wishlist?)

Is it really unneeded and time-consuming a weekly scheduled scan to the point of asking to change the defaults provided by the installer instead of change them once after installation?

My only security is CIS. AV set to Stately. I disabled the scheduled scans myself, and occasionally run a full scan of my system. I also created several scan profiles to scans only desired sections. Again, these are run when desired.
The question asked is: should scheduled scans be on by default? It is personal choice how you use it. Myself, I choose not, and I am virus-free.

Optin or optout? In either cases some users will then complain about the installer defaults . :-\

I’ve installed CIS with 3rd party AV and without CAV, without any AV (without CAV too) and months ago with CAV.

Using CIS with CAV I used only manual scanning, then I enabled Realtime scanning. I disabled scheduled scan and enabled it but for one reason or another, anyway on each installation I always adapted the defaults of the whole suite to suit my needs/habits.

Indeed I was virusfree using Comodo’s Defense+ and Network defense alone but anyway should it really be a matter of defaults?

I am afraid you are right. No matter what the defaults are, someone will wish to complain about them (settings on or off). I look at it this way. Learn how to use the software, and configure it to where you are most happy with the settings. If everyone followed this guideline with their own software, fewer complaints about default settings would take place.
Thank you for sharing your views on this.

Well, yea. I mean look at Avast! Do people really need 7 scanners running when the basic on demand can catch everything the others do. :wink:

The defaults should always be novice-friendly. Advanced users will be more concerned with the software’s technicalities. The defaults and other trivial matters won’t be a bother because they will prefer configuring the software manually to suit their own needs.