Scheduled Scan does not work for me! :(

Hi all,

I installed Comodo Internet Security 6, and I scheduled a full scan of my computer, but when I came to check if the scan had completed and it had found any infections I noticed that the scheduled scan had not run.
I scheduled a full scan for 1pm and when I came to check on the progress of the scan I noticed it had not run it at all.

1.Does CIS run scheduled scans?

  1. If yes how do I set it up and how will I know if the scan is running at the time I have set it to run at?

  2. Does the scan window pop up on my screen or does it run in the background?

Please could you kindly let me know if there is something I am missing and need to do to ensure scheduled scans run at the appointed time.

Thank you all in advance.

newcomerD :slight_smile:

Hi newcomerD,
The link below probably best explains how to set up schedules for your individual scan profiles.
Scan profiles

On the scan profiles screen, you can see when the last scan run for each profile (Screenshot1).
Double click the profile you would like to schedule and be sure it is active (Screenshot1).
You will then see the schedule button on the bottom of the settings screen (Screenshot2).

Note: The scan maybe missed if you do not deselect ‘Run only when computer is IDLE’ (Screenshot 3).

You can also view logs under tasks to see if a schedule has been run.
View logs

Scheduled scans will not show a screen while running.

Hope that helps.

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Hi captainsticks,

Thank you so much for your help and advice, I really appreciate it very much.
I have now moved to Comodo and using Comodo Internet Security Premium (FREE) and Comodo IceDragon and so far so good and like using it very much.

I will wait and see if my scheduled scan runs on the day and time I have set it for.

Thanks again.

newcomerD ;D

You are welcome, I hope all works as intended. :slight_smile: