'Scheduled scan' antivirus scanner

I had a scheduled scan today timed for 2pm - saturday, this is the weekly time i scan with my antivirus software.

Unfortunately it didn’t scan because i turned on my pc 15 minutes too late.

I waited because on some antivirus programs the scheduled scanner is designed with an option to scan at the next available time if the scheduler misses it’s scan.

Why doesn’t comodo virus scanner have an option in the scheduler to run the scan as soon as possible if the scheduled time is missed?

With people leading busy lives sometimes you miss the weekly scanner.

I know there may be an option for this in the windows task scheduler, but there should be an option within comodo virus scheduler itself.

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Bad idea. That would add extra delay and chaos to the start-up.

I far prefer to either schedule for 10:00 a.m. and 14: p.m each day,
and / or manually launch a scan when convenient.