Scheduled Mode Switch Problems


Has anyone else running Cyanogenmod noticed problems with “Schedule mode switch”? The problem is that the previous mode does not always re-apply after the scheduled time. I have noticed this myself on CM7, CM9 and CM10 (currently running CM9).

I was also made aware of this after my wife complained that her screen was switching off alot quicker than usual (due to economy mode still running).


Also there is a following problem:

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Turn on scheduled Eco mode.
  2. Turn on option to turn off Wi-Fi when device is locked.
  3. Lock the device.
  4. Your scheduled Eco mode will be applied on time which you have specified.
  5. Unlock the screen.
  6. Wi-Fi will be automatically enabled (even if you are in scheduled Economy Mode!) because CBS will think it’s time to start Wi-Fi cause it was disabled automatically by locking the screen.

Morphiusz, would that be considered a bug? You did take it out of sleep and physically unlock your screen. To me, CMS should believe at this point you intend to use the phone so reactivating wifi would be prudent.
I would be irritated if during a sleep/low power cycle if I woke it up that I had to disable the scheduler just to reuse the phone again.
Let me ask you this, if after waking up and using the phone, you let it go back to sleep, will the wifi and levels be restored as per the active schedule?

will the wifi and levels be restored as per the active schedule?

I don’t know. I know only that Wi-Fi will be disabled as locking the screen. I don’t know how often CBS does make sure whether appropriate profile is applied.

BTW, I would go farther and say that scheduled Eco mode should not be applied when phone is on use in that time. After user put it away it should be applied to not interrupt his work. At least make it as option.

What do you think?

I am in full agreement with this. Yes.