Scheduled full system scan

I’m slightly paranoid, so I have my AV check for updates every 12 hours. I’ve also use the Scan Schedule feature to set up a Scan My Computer that should kick off at 2:30 every morning.

However, according to the Status page, this hasn’t run since the 17th of August.

Why does this not run?

Last night, I set it to scan all the named drives, plus the folders on my desktop, again at 2:30 (replacing the Scan My Computer option). This didn’t run either. Why?


I am not really sure why it isn’t scanning, try doing a regular scan manually. What happens? Can it scan? It may be the Scan Engine glitch.

I’ve just finished a Full System Scan (from the scan now button) and that completed without problems.

It appears that it’s just the scheduling that doesn’t work. :-\


just to let you know, its working fine with me. WinXPSP2, 256MB RAM, Defender, skype, win MSGR, Athlon 1.24Gh


mine is also doing the same thing it is set to scan my computer everyday but has not run for 3 days now i am running win xp sp2 on a p4 2g with 1g ram.