Scheduled file/maps backup not working

I found the “Run with highest privileges” checkbox to be already checked and on the Conditions TAB, verifited no conditions.
Upon manual run, I am prompted by Windows Iser Account Control.

Emanual, my work arround failed - the quotes I am attempting to add manually are not retained, there is no option with task scheduler to ‘change’ the entry automatically created by CB.
Please advise

Try to disable UAC, does the schedule work then?
Is your operating system preconfigured? Maybe some services are disabled.


Disabling UAC does not make any difference. Other items (non COMODO jobs) work as scheduled, the issue appears to be the entry created by CB is either placing " marking incorrectly at the beginning and end of the entire string OR the " marks are not being submitted at all. My manual attempt to enter (“C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe” /RunSpecificScheduleItem 63255749225
) is not permitted by the user interface - hence I’m assuming an update must be made to CB to assure it is submtted with the quotes wrapping only the EXE portion of the total string?

To answer your additional questions, The Operating System is preconfigured on both a Vista ACER laptop and Vista-64 Bit Toshibas; however I’ve just completed testing this on a friends XP SP3 PC I rebuilt from scratch and on a new Window 7 desktop - COMODO Back-UP fails to schedule and run on all 3 OS versions, regardless of who installed the OS.

Please advise


I’m not sure what you mean here:

Did you enter that command in cmd.exe and you encountered an error? Or User Account Control asks you for permission?

I’m assuming the schedule is created, but it never runs.
Please go to Windows Task Scheduler and post the following information for the task before and after it should run:

  • Next Run Time
  • Last Run Time
  • Last Run Result
    Then try to run it by right-click menu → Run

When this runs as a scheduled task, there is no user interaction required.
I’m assuming if you click YES, the command executes as it should.


I am experiencing these same issues on Windows XP x32 and Windows 7 x32/64 machines. Was there ever a fix for the scheduled tasks not running?

Yes, Please update to the latest version 3.0.171317.130