Scheduled Backups


I have read all threads on scheduled Backups and the fact that I need .NET 2.0 - 3.0 - 3.5.
The problem is that after 3.0 I cannot install higher versions, a 1603 Error. In internet they say certain services should be stopped but I have a german Windows in Austria so service-names are different.

Can anyone give me a clue on how to solve this problem?

I wanted to use this for several people but it turned out to be pretty problematical, that is a pitty for the ideas behind the programm are perfect.


Hi janvl

I am not sure what your problems are. I only have dotnet 3.0 and backup works well for me. Are you having trouble installing it or scheduling a backup. Could you give us a bit more information about your setup as well.

If it is scheduling some have never been able to get it to work but if we work with you I think we can at least check out what the problem may be and hopefully get it going for you.



I stopped trying to get Comodo backup to work. But trying to get other programs to work in scheduled mode with network drives I found out that one needs to tell windows it has a network drive, even if no user is logged in.
The command is:

NET USE Z: “\servername\sharename” /user:[serverusername] “[password for share user]” /persistent:no

In fact one needs to run this before commodo starts so it finds the networkdrive.
To make sure you do not accidentally declare Z: twice make a small file to test on and use it like this:

IF NOT EXIST Z:\testshare.txt NET USE Z: “\servername\sharename” /user:[serveruser] “[serverpassword]” /persistent:no

run the command as administrator!
if the drive still is not found remove “/perisitent:no”

I hope it will help someone,


PS I will try it with Comodo again when I have the time . . .