Scheduled backups don't run

Version 4.4.1 Win 8.1 64 Computer in sleep mode. Backups scheduled for night execution don’t run. Do I need to kill the sleep option ?
What Windows options do I need to change to have this work ? All works fine if run manually.

I am having a very similar issue. The schedule just will not keep its settings always reverts to “once” and will not start automatically.
This is not when in sleep mode either just will not start.
It does say when you try and save the schedule that the schedule cannot be saved. I need to run this in Service Mode but will not do it…Please help

Similar problem here. Are you trying to backup to a network hard drive?

From searching the forum and reading between the lines I have concluded that Comodo Backup does not do “service run” backups to a network hard drive. This isn’t documented in the user manual or in the frequently asked questions but it is indicated in this thread (;msg637562#msg637562 ) where Emanuel Sescu (Comodo Staff) says, “CB in service mode should not work with network backups.”.

I run my PC 24/7. Therefore running a scheduled backup overnight is not an issue. I use Run Mode “Close COMODO Backup after schedule runs.”. However, I don’t want to leave my PC running unlocked when I am away from home. When away I leave the PC running but lock it (Windows Key + L). I am going to test whether or not a scheduled run works with the PC locked.

EDIT: OK, I scheduled a “Close COMODO Backup after schedule runs.” with the PC locked and the backup ran fine. The PC lock screen remained in place throughout the backup so it ran pretty much the same as a “service run” would.

I have had luck in creating a .BAT file containing the execute command with a /SCRIPT
The /Script has /SilentRun in it
The task is scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler

My .BAT file can check the return code from Comodo Backup and take appropriate action.

The computer may be locked, it does not matter which user is signed on because through Task Scheduler the backup runs as me, and with “Run with Highest Privileges”.

Please share your successes, as well as your failures, in the Forum - Tell us how you are doing. This isn’t a company Forum, but a User forum. We have to help each other. Thanks

Ernest (not an employee, not a volunteer, just a user)

Hi Dixr,
Would you mind sharing your batch file please? This seems like a decent solution. Its a shame the Comodo service doesnt work properly as it would save a lot of hassle!


What I have is still in development and I am having problems with some of the commands, but I will be willing to share what I have.
ANYONE - just contact me with a private email and include your email address and I will get back to you with whatever I have at the time. I don’t like posting things that are not fully functional for everyone to pick at, but I will share with individuals so that it may help them develop what they need.