Scheduled Backups are actually working - but not being logged

My system:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Backup Mode = Source (folder) to Destination (folder)

I have been reading these forums for a while and must first say - thanks for the outstanding free software (I use CFP - it is the best). I recently tried Backup and it worked great in the manual mode, but I could not get it to work in the scheduled mode. I read all of the posts related to this apparent problem and tried various remedies (installed .NET 1.1, enabled comodo service & ensured it was running automatically, etc etc). Nothing seemed to work. Then I checked my Destination folder and guess what? The scheduled backups WERE THERE! They just aren’t showing up in the log and not showing up in the program as “running”. The scheduled backup is running in some kind of silent mode and none of the activity is being reflected in the opened program or the log file. I am happy that it is actually working, but would be even happier if there were some log feedback or active icon feedback to let me know it is backing up. Otherwise, there is the paranoid tendency to constantly sift through the destination folder to make sure the files have been backed up. PS - THANK YOU for this great app and for all the others you provide. You deserve some kind of Internet Nobel Prize (the “eNobel Award”?).

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Scheduled backup does not do any logging. It would be a good thing to put on the Backup wishlist. Glad the backup is working well for you otherwise.


Thanks, John. Yes, it would be nice to have a log of scheduled backups (how would one know if there were errors?). Also, it would be great if there were an active icon (?in the tray?) during the scheduled backup, just as a visual indicator that the backup was taking place. Or, perhaps a balloon popup that notifies you when the scheduled backup has finished. Thanks again for the excellent free services.


Maybe some one with programming skills would come up with a script that could be used in the “External Task” section. Something that could be activated after a scheduled backup completes that pops up?

What you could do is to set the backup job to send an email on completion and, in the “External Task”, run a POP3 reader to display the mailbox the backup email was sent to.

Not a perfect solution, but it may suit your needs.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Panic - Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it and let you know if it worked.


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