Scheduled Backup Won't Run

I’ve just downloaded Comodo Backup and installed it on a newly rebuilt W2K system. I successfully ran an initial backup onto my NAS and then created a scheduled backup to run each weekday at 6PM. I used the test feature and it says everything passes the test. However, the backup never runs. Today I right clicked on the item in the backup list and chose “Run Now”. That backup ran perfectly and now the “Status” field says Normal (before it was blank). Yet, again the scheduled backup did not run. I don’t know if this is related or not but I noticed Backup did not automatically get loaded when W2K boots. I solved this problem by putting the Backup icon into the Startup folder.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome bgood,

Have you set up Service Backup at backup mode for the schedulding?


Hi Arki -

Thanks for the reply.

No I have not setup ‘Service Backup’. How do I do that?

I followed the instructions in the manual and didn’t see anything about this.

Thanks for the help.


You can do that at the 3rd drop-down menu at the New Backup window :).

Arki - I made your change. Originally, I had left it as User Backup but changed it today to Service Backup and then clicked OK. Then when the scheduled backup time came the backup still did not run. What do you suggest? bgood

Hi guys…I’d like to chime in here if nobody minds. I installed this program a couple of days ago and it has yet to run automatically. The service is running in TaskManager and I just changed from User Backup to Service Backup. Is that the definitive answer to the problem or is it still not going to run automatically?

I ran the backup manually this morning @ 10:40AM and again just now @ 2:14PM. The GUI still says Last Run was @ 10:40AM.

Thanks for any information.

XP SP2 is the operating system. is the program version.

Hi lulu836

You do need service backup checked on the “edit backup” page. Here is a shot of one of my backup setups. The second shot shows the service that you need to be sure is running and set on automatic. I will say though that some have had no success at all in getting schedule to work, while others like myself have had no trouble at all.
Hope this works for you. Post again if you need more help


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