Scheduled AV crash

I’ve had this twice now, exactly the same. Latest version of CIS and AV database. Win XP up-to-date.

Scheduled scans work OK if I’m away from the computer. If one is in action and I open CIS to look at something, the scan stops - the filename and number of files scanned doesn’t change. There is disk activity for a while. The timer stops when the scan stops and then starts up again but nothing is happening.

There is an error 7034 in Event Viewer “The COMODO Internet Security Helper Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s).”

Then if I hit the Stop Scan button there is an error dialog from CIS telling me there isn’t enough resources to perform this task. The Scheduled Scan window remains and it closes if I hit the Stop Scan button again or I get the same error dialog and then closes.

I perform a diagnostics test and CIS reports and error and surprisingly base.cav is only 8 bytes long! The other can files are OK.

As I say, this has happened twice, both when I performed some actiont hat seemed to interfere/conflict with the scan. If I’m away from the computer the scans are OK.



This means the AV scanner crashed over one or more files on your system.
Can you rule out the folder that contains the file(s) that crash the scanner by trying the following?

Use Cavscan (right mouse on folder, scan with comodo).
First try to scan c:\windows next c:\program files next what ever other folder there is/are on your root of the drive like c:\documents and settings etc…

Once cavscan crashes, try to go one level deeper in that folder like \documents and settings\all users and see in which folder it crashes etc… this way you can pin-point what file(s) are causing this crash, and if so please report them in this bug report here so dev’s are able to fix them.

In the mean time you could exclude those files by putting them on the exclusion list so the scheduled scan no longer crashes during schedules scans…

I’ll investigate this further as you suggest, but I’m now believe this may be the same problem as my problem her

I think this scheduled scan crash is as a result of bases.cav being left with zero or 8 bytes after an update. That may explain the message about lack of resources??

I’ve not had this crash since posting, my main concern with CAV is the bases.cav corruption after an update.