Schedule updates

Everytime I start a manual scan I see Comodo checks of updates :-TU
I saw hints Comodo automatically checks every 30 mins for updates. That would be good but were can I find the setting for that?
During a scan I can’t update manually. I have some lengthy scans of >2 hour. Does that mean Comodo misses 4 potential updates during that scan?

It’s all very unlikely but…
Suppose I’m running a 2 hour manual scan.
During that time I keep surfing. There is a major virus outbreak and the Comodo team issues a quick update when my manual scan runs for an hour. Comodo doesn’t update during scans so my surfing protection is lower than than it could/should be.

Is that how CIS works?
Just wondering ;D

To enable automatic updates, it’s not very intuitive because it’s not labeled as such. Go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning and check Automatically Update Virus Database.

This way CIS will check for updates every 30 minutes. Note that there isn’t always an update every 30 minutes, but CIS will check for one.

As you’ll see in the screenshot, a code of 0x00000001 means that there was no update to install. A blank code column means the database was updated.

As for whether or not the database is updated while running a scan, I could be wrong, but I do not believe it is updated because the database is continually being accessed by the scanning engine. You should still be in good shape with D+ and the sandbox though.

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thats was not what blox means
the case is he is being paranoit about not having the antivirus updated for 2 hours, but thats no the case
remember comodo also uses cloud for signature databases,
so even if you have the antivirus outdate for weeks, if you execute a new virus it can be deteced by the cloud,
also if there is not even a signature remember the power of comodo is the defense+, because of that many ppl dont even install the antivirus

Good point about the cloud. I always forget that’s there… :stuck_out_tongue:

I see I can configure the cloud on/off in maunal and scheduled scanning.
Is it on by default for Real Time scans?

@ kinemitor
Until a week ago I never even heard of cloud scanning. So my answers are not to be taken in a negative way.

If that cloud is so perfect why even bother to update at all? (Assuming I always are connected to internet)
Why is the cloud off by default for manual and scheduled scans?

I had a thought about the method of updating.

If a new defenition is available the server sends a message with the database version to each client.
The client starts updating immediately.
If no update message arrives within 30 minutes of the last update the client checks with the server as it does right now.

using any cloud based antivirus there will be delays on real time scanning
for example with the comodo antivirus the cluoud is used on the background for new files, and for on-access files the cloud checks after the file is opened
with the panda cloud the files will be blocked until checked by the cloud making it a bit slow accesing files.
thats why the use of a real antivirus, i hope this answer the 2 questions

try to imaginate that in great scale…
comodo server sending request to every computer client…

Answer #1 is clear.

Answer #2
Yes I did imagine the server load.
But now the server has to process many 30 min update requests.
More up-to-date virus databases maybe reduces the load on the cloud server?
Maybe CIS should only check every hour?
Or never but that’s unpractical because if a notification is missed the database stays outdated to long.

The real problem is ofcourse that all clients start requesting the updates at the same time.
Unlike now the requests are not spread over 30 minutes.