schedule - silent, service mode ?

Hi. I have problem with setting scheduled backup.
When I set scheduler to run in silent mode - it wont start if CB is switched off.
When is set to run in service mode - the back up will be mad straight away, even if schedule is set to do this in 2 days time. And if destination of backup file is on network hard drive, CB in service mode won’t allow to go to sleep mode of my network hdd.

I have:

  • CB
  • Windows 7 64-bit

Please help me to set backup which will start on schedule base.

We need the debug logs, after CB is supposed to run, so we can determine the reason why it didn’t start.

Again, we need the debug logs after the task starts to run straight away.

CB in service mode should not work with network backups. Are you saying that it does?

We need to determine cause of the issues above before we can help you.