Scareware-like Products

 [url=][b]Lawsuit Claims Symantec Sells Scareware-like Products[/b][/url] (c) PCWorld

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Also reported on Reuters the day before…

    [url=]Suit claims Symantec scares consumers on PC health[/url] []

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P.S.: Reuters RU : Претензии к Symantec - not found…

What do you guys think about this?

Who is James Cross? Just a disappointed Symantec customer or does he have a hidden agenda?

That being said nothing could be surprising nowadays when money is involved.

Norton Utilities, PC Tools Registry Mechanic and PC Tools Performance Toolkit software
are described to act in a way like scareware, according to the suit claims.
In the meaning of "scanning, and presenting ‘random’ results which do not primary represent the state of the computer, but which would be able to motivate to buy the full version after using those trials.

The results of this case would be interesting.

URL to article please.

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Looking at the three products in question, the trial version of Norton Utilities does allow cleaning of the perceived ‘problems’, without registration. The two (Symantec) PC Tools products do not. Moreover, they don’t seem to allow any investigation of what they regard as ‘problems’.

On a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate, all three products detected in excess of one hundred ‘problems’. Norton allowed all ‘problems’ to be ‘repaired’ whereas the two PCTools products only allowed a small number to be ‘repaired’ without registration. Of those that were allowed, only the ‘medium priority’ were ‘repaired’

Looking at the ‘problems’ discovered, I’d really have to question the basis for the level of priority given, as all of those I looked at were complete non-issues, certainly nothing that would cause any kind of alarm. Remember this was a clean install of Windows.

After running the ‘repairs’ all three products still reported problems with system ‘health’ but of course, registration and $$ are required to do anything about this.

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