just wondering why the anti virus scans take sooooooo long, started at 4.53pm last night, the time is now 3.30 pm, which is 20 hours? I had to pause it for 2 hours so i can use the pc without it going at a snails pace, Is this normal.? ??? :o :o

Greetings, citizen!
I am a law enforcement officer and I am here to assist in problems you might be having!
Now, please remain calm and put the hands where I can see them.
Thank you sir for being cooperative. Now, I need to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind
and I would appreciate if you give an honest answer. You have right to refuse to answer any question,
but in order for me to provide assistance, I would need as much information as possible
1: What are your system specs?
2: What OS do you use?
3: Do you have any and all background “security” programs?
4: What are the settings you use for AV scanning? If you use default, just say so, it will be sufficient.
5: Did you attempt to disable cloud scanning?
6: Did you check the level of fragmentation on your hard drive?

If I am unable to provide assistance, you will be transferred to the trained and qualified detective of the PD precinct you are currently present.

in this cases i compare something to something similar. it would tell me, its not normal.

advertising seen on the day when the system specs are important for an antivirus scan:
this new modern computer, with everything on top of date hardware, is even able to perform a virus scan!
(can also play games, but who cares) :smiley:

When you have 5400rpm hdd with less than 2gb free space, less than 1GB of ram and heavily fragmented hdd with many programs running in the background, in this day and age, it does matter :wink:

comodo antivirus is usually extra time consuming in my experience.
this would be an ideal test computer for comparing. most, if the other tested antivirus is not limited by any setting.

when i hear someone suggesting to limit an antivirus to decrease (biiiig) scanning time, it feels like a half baked product. first of all, when the time in question is +23 hours.

When someone asked Eugene Kaspersky why is their AV so resource intensive when scanning files, he said it’s an complex mathematical process and there are many things going in the background etc etc…

I will be honest here, CIS antivirus, in my experience is one of the lightest antiviruses on the market today! My 465GB hdd with only 35GB free goes in arround 2 hours and 45 minutes approx.
And there’s some really hardcore nasty s**t in there.
Add to that that I have MBAM in realtime. No slowdown, no nothing…
And my machine is mid-low average…

at GakunGak
you speak about a comodo scan without limitations in your case?

and compared to kaspersky, you might be right. i dont know.
but then obviously there is another even lighter one out there, which doesnt need exceptions to achieve that … :slight_smile:

Absolutely correct, no limitations

I might be wrong, but lighter than Comodo would be a cloud antivirus, like Panda.
Norton’s pretty light too!

norton is light?
wasnt it usually the example for “be lucky if you got rid of it”?

i am interested to see the actual problem which causes the issue described in this topic.

nice to hear that it works well for you.
i was typing to suggest a test program for comparing. then i noticed, that now it would need many lines of explaining, just to avoid installing of a toolbar (its for getting an extra feature which no one was asking for).
they got a new “feature”, but lost people like me who cant suggest that program anymore, without having to cover all possibillities first.
toolbars are suspect. i learned that while comodo had it. and i wondered a lot, as a nice program was suddenly littered with that, after all the bad reputation which is raining on companies who do that.

It was pre 2009 that Norton was called “resource hog pig”…
But they did their job very well and it is light.
Yeah Comodo had ask toolbar before but they did get rid of it after complaints, nothing suspect about that.
Toolbars aren’t exactly classified as malware in a sense they do damage, but instead as adware, merely to annoy people. Now there are some allegations about tracking user internet activities but I cannot confirm nor deny that.
As for bad reputation, well, I didn’t see anything major happen?
Except for those certificates thing, but that was plugged in a matter of minutes from Comodo side and a day or two from Mozilla/Google side… Which is remarkably awesome!

i just mentioned about comodo to emphasize the meaning of surprise, to have seen that happen again with another product lately :slight_smile:

to make my sentence more clear: the bad reputation of toolbars is raining on good products if they use them.

Did it get stuck at a file while scanning? It sounds like it could be.

Hey fellows, if you would like to have comparison Topics or General discussions please open a new Topic in the correct locations. Please don’t let this run !ot! to much, and respect OP original questions.
Thankyou from Captainsticks.

@captainsticks : Sorry, that was me, I will do my best never to happen again, sorry :-X

yes i think it must of got stuck, cause this carried on, and i thought this is ridiculous and closed it, well tried to and it wouldnt, so had to pull the plug on it.
running in background was spyware terminator and roboform password manager, thats it.
didnt have lots of tabs open, just the av scanner, which i had to pause to use the pc for 2 hours, then the pause and resume buttons greyed out, so didnt have a choice.

I used to have the same problem with early versions of Comodo, I found that updating drivers for the whole machine [for hdd, processor, motherboard, graphics card, audio, basically total and complete!] solved the problem.
Care to try that?

eeeek no i dont, im not a pc techi , i updated my xp cat drivers last week through the programme SECUNIA which checks me for updated programmes from 11.1 to 11.6, but thats it with the drivers.

Nope, bro, that was patches for Programs, not drivers for devices :wink:
For drivers, take a look here

It’s small, very simple and easy to use. :wink:
Try it and if you need assistance, report back here and I will do my best to guide you thru :slight_smile:
You used Secunia, you can use this too :-TU :slight_smile:

went to the link you provided and downloaded it, there was only one choice to do, when i opened it, in middle of screen in small grey box got the following message
Had to reboot the pc as could close the little box but left with a frozen white screen of theirs.
no choice but to uninstall it. :frowning:

Please confirm that your system clock and date is correct, both in Windows and BIOS