Scans with other Programs

I know a lot of us using CIS run scans to look for anything it may have missed.

The only thing found on my computers since using CIS was a Google tracking cookie by A-squared free, which caused my gmail auto log-in to stop working and a false positive by MalwareBytes which they removed after notifying them.

So… what are the rest of you finding?

Cookies isn’t malware.
Sometime when you delete them.
Some login that’s you save on website will be auto logout.
Because some cookie used to store a login information.

Well that is the point of my post, I have these scanners but they don’t do anything useful so we don’t need them. Unless someone can show otherwise?

What you are seeing is the success CIS has with keeping your system clean from potentially harmful software.

I’m still running second opinion scans with other products more or less out of habit, but I’ve yet to see anything that tells me CIS isn’t completely capable of keeping my system clean all by itself.

-knock on wood- :wink:

I personally have also found on demands unneeded thanks to CIS…

But I do ondemands on rare occasions, just for fun… :-TU O0 sometimes It finds a “tracking” cookie… =)