SCANs keep getting enabled and full scan scheduled again

A. THE BUG/ISSUE (Varies from issue to issue)
[ol]- [b]At work I cannot have the scan running as it interferes with me connecting remotely so I switch both off in the scans other options then I go into edit the full scan and unschedule it. Likewise the quick scan. I have done this umpteen times and the Full scan keeps reenabling itself and rescheduling.

Likewise on my wifes laptop she hibernates it and when it does not hibernate I check and the CAV full scan is running so I stop it, turn it off and set it to unscheduled. Again I have done this umpteen times.

Both the Full Scan and Quick SCAN get turned back on but only the Full Scan gets rescheduled.[/b]

  • Can U reproduce the problem & if so how reliably? :It keeps happening not sure how !
  • If U can, exact steps to reproduce. If not, exactly what U did & what happened: The only things that will have happened is reboots of both computers following Microsoft Updates and the CAV updates and reboots as you push them out too.
  • If not obvious, what U expected to happen: I expected the scans to remain unscheduled and turned off as I have set them.
  • If a software compatibility problem have U tried the conflict FAQ?: N/A
  • Any software except CIS/OS involved? If so - name, & exact version:
  • Any other information, eg your guess at the cause, how U tried to fix it etc:I suspect your updates (or a reboot) are turning the scans back on and rescheduling the full scan which is wrong. Existing settings should be adhered to as the user may have legitimate reasons for disabling them as I have. They interfere with my 24/7 support requirement.

B. YOUR SETUP (Likely the same for each issue, so you can copy forward)
[ol]- Exact CIS version & configuration : Home CAV 6.3.294583.2937 Work 6.3.294583.2937

  • Modules enabled & level. D+/HIPS, Autosandbox/BBlocker, Firewall, & AV : AV enabled and Sandbox Disabled on both
  • Have U made any other changes to the default config? (egs here.) :Switched off both Scans and unscheduled them
  • Have U updated (without uninstall) from a CIS 5? : No
    [li]if so, have U tried a a clean reinstall - if not please do? : N/a
    [/li]- Have U imported a config from a previous version of CIS : No
    [li]if so, have U tried a standard config - if not please do:N/A
    [/li]- OS version, SP, 32/64 bit, UAC setting, account type, V.Machine used:Windows XP Pro 32 bit
  • Other security/s’box software a) currently installed b) installed since OS: None

[ol]- Always attach - Diagnostics file[nobbc], Watch Activity process list, dump if freeze/crash. (If complex - CIS logs & config, screenshots, video, zipped program - not m’ware)
[li]After you have attached the required files to your post please delete this section (section c) from your report.[/ol]

Can you confirm that after moving the dial to disable the scan you clicked OK? I mention this because if you just close the window, without selecting OK, it will not save the changes you made.

Yes I clicked OK. I even went back in again and checked they were both off.

I have also disabled scheduled scans & no probs here.

To disable scheduled scans, I just removed both the check under “Active” & slider “Off” & no probs here.

And remember, Program Upgrade always re-enables scheduled scans. This bug is there right from the introduction of CAV into CIS. I dont understand why they are not solving this bug & it have been reported many times.

I get a message when I try to remove them that they are built in (or something similar) and cannot be removed. I’ve switched it off umpteen times on both computers and unscheduled both full and quick as per bug report.

It’s only happened recently so possibly you are not yet on the latest version.

I have latest CIS Suite with Default settings.

Win 7 64

Attached is the screenshot of sched scans. I removed the checks under “Name” & off under “Active”, nothing else & no probs here.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You are on a different operating system that I have the issue on !!

Can you please add a screenshot of your scan settings screen, like naren did, to your first post? Does the slider get reset as well?

Also, this is certainly strange. I haven’t heard of this issue before, and there are many users using Windows XP. Also, can you please list any maintenance software you have on your computer? I’m wondering if there is something interfering on these computers with the issue. Let’s see if we can narrow this down.


Not a lot of point in a screen shot as it would be identical since they are the same both off but I have done them anyway including showing the scans unscheduled. After whatever it is happens then both Full and Quick are being turned on somehow and just the Full Scan get’s scheduled for a time on a Thursday. I can get you the time if you wish.

I have no “maintenance” software that I am aware of let alone any that would interfere with CAV.

I suspect the great majority of your XP users and others will have the scans enabled. I suspect we are in the minority requiring them both off.

I have just rebooted my wife’s laptop and can confirm it’s not rebooting that is rescheduling full scan and switching both back on so I figure it must be your updates.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You are on XP Pro 32

I have CIS Suite with Default settings on XP Home SP3 32 too with sched scan disabled & no prob here.

I will mention that it is a known problem that every time CIS gets a program update it will reset the scheduled scans to active. This is a known issue.

Is this what you are experiencing?

I looked in known issues and did not see it hence the bug report.

Okay, understood. This has already been brought to the devs attention. Thus, no additional report is necessary. I’m sorry that I misunderstood the issue at first.

This has been reported and will hopefully be fixed within the next few updates.

Thus, I will move this post to Resolved, even though the issue isn’t resolved. I just don’t see the point to having an extra report for this when the devs are already aware of it.


“Resolved/Outdated Issues - CIS”

You just said it was not resolved. I looked and could now see another report of this and it’s not listed in known issued. I look forward to the fixed version.

Sorry to confuse you. This has already been reported to the devs by the internal tracker. This is currently not visible to the forum, but is available to Comodo Staff, Moderators, and the Star Group.

Every update resets “Full Scan” and “Quick Scan” to default settings

My mistake. Apparently it was in there as well. Now I’m embarrased. :embarassed:

You are only human Chiron. :slight_smile:

That’s okay it only wasted my time reporting an invisible bug. I would only have been playing games and otherwise relaxing. Sorry to have wasted your time also.

Maybe if you added it to the known issues it would stop other people from likewise fruitless efforts. :wink: Not to mention wasting your time also.

Today’s update to 6.3.297838.2953 appears to fix this issue :slight_smile: