Scans hog system resources - need to set low priority!

One tiresome thing about Comodo scans nowadays is that my whole system slows down during the scans, so that it’s difficult to get on with my work - and no, I have no wish to leave the computer on overnight to be scanned when I’m not working on it.

The obvious answer is to set a low CPU priority for cmdagent and indeed any other Comodo modules that do any scanning, so that it can get on with a scan while I get on with my work unhindered. But I can’t do that because when I try, my attempt is blocked, with an ‘access denied’ message.

Please, I need to be able to set CPU priority to low, as default, so that I’m not bugged further with this issue. It’s no good a security program being great and top-notch if it gets in the way of your getting on with your work.

If it is an ongoing scan you can open the CIS Task Manager and set the priority there, to do so:

  • Open CID Main GUI.
  • Click “Tasks”
  • Under “General Tasks” click “Open Task Manager”
  • Under “Priority” click the blue text and choose your priority.

The CIS Task Manager is only for managing CIS tasks like scanning etc, it’s not like the Windows Task Manager.

If you instead want to make any scheduled scan run at a certain priority then you can do this:

  • Open CIS main GUI.
  • Click “Tasks”
  • Expand “Advanced Tasks”
  • Click “Open Advanced Settings”
  • Expand “Security Settings” in the left menu of the new window.
  • Expand “Antivirus”
  • Click “Scans”
  • To the right you will see the different scans, right-click the one you want and choose “Edit”
  • Expand “Options” in the new window.
  • Tick in “Run this scan with” and then choose which priority you want.
  • Apply the settings by clicking OK to everything

Hope that helps.

Thank you. That would be greatly helpful if indeed I had a ‘Tasks’ option to click! In fact I cannot find any ‘Tasks’ button, link or tab on my CIS main GUI, nor in any submenu there. Could it be that what you are referring to is not available on the free version, which I have?

It’s in the top right next to a green arrow in CIS version 6.0 and later. Which version of CIS are you using by the way? My instructions are only relevant if you are using version 6.0 or later, at the time of writing the latest version is 6.3.294583.2937

Oh. My version is (Premium) 5.12… Doesn’t CIS auto-update its program files, then? Nor even tell one when a new version is available? If not, as apparently is the case, that needs changing!

I’ll try downloading / installing the latest free version, but not just now as I have a 3.5 hour upload on the go at the moment and don’t want to risk disturbing that and having to restart the upload!

Anyway, many thanks for the info, and once I have v. 6 installed (if indeed that is for Premium and not just for Pro) I’ll then follow your directions and, hopefully get the priority set low.

Comodo has not yet released an automatic update to CIS Version 6 for CIS Version 5 users, I don’t really know what the real reason behind this is but I think they mentioned it’s because they want Version 6 to be more stable or similar to that, however Version 6.3 seems pretty stable to me. CIS Version 6 is both for premium and pro, it’s the same system as Version 5 uses, so yes it is free.

You can get the currently latest CIS version from here: There is an updater for Version 5.x users on the bottom of the original post.

Brilliant - thanks so much!

I’ve now installed the new version and started a scan - and, sure enough, I can set the priority, though actually I don’t need to because evidently the developers have woken up about the priority issue and have set ‘background’ as the default priority. Just maybe, I’ll really like this new version! :slight_smile: