Scans abort

I downloaded Comodo for Linux lastest version running on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.

Had to download the unoffical driver.tar file to get it working. This was good - All systems are active and running.

Now I notice that scans will abort and not complete. For example I have a drive “/media/Data Volume”. … on this drive I have a small exe file and 6 large ISO files.

I set the manual scanning setting to zero so it would not limit the file size of file being scanned. Normally this is set to 20 Mb. When set to 20 Mb then only one file is reported scanned…the small .exe file. If set to 0 Mb then all 7 files are listed as being scanned. But after scanning the .exe file… the program aborts the scan saying all 7 were scanned BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE. This larger files never get scanned.

I also tried doing a full system scan. It starts scanning the directories but the it hits /bin/zcmp and aborts. So several directories are not scanned but it reports the scan is complete.

This appears to be a bug.

Is this a bug???

hi droberson,

I just read what your have written here. And I think I already saw the problem.

COMODO for Linux cannot deal with .exe-files!! COMDO AntiVirus can only deal with Linux-files and normal files like videos, pictures, Wallpapers, Linux-apps and so on. But NOT with .exe-files!!

Also ISO-files cannot be read by AntiVirus-Programs! This is also the same for other AntiVirus-Programs! That’s why you should
check your machine before download of an ISO-file. The same is also true for the Uploader of any ISO-file!!

So this is a very normal thing, that your scan aborts, because it cannot deal with .exe-files and ISO-files.

Ubuntuexpert :slight_smile: