Scanning ?

Hello everyone,
I downloaded Comodor in September 2009.
I did the first scan and Comodor found 4 threats. They were removed.
Scanning was commenced on a weekly basis. (All AV programmes are used to scan weekly)
There have been odd notifications about some ‘Threats’ which I chose to Remove.
There has been only 1 scan since that showed a positive result. That showed 5 threats, which were removed.
I also have AVG Free and Super Anti Spyware. When scanning with these two, there have always been warnings/threats found.
Today - 3.Jan 2011 - I ran Comodor, AVG, then Super Anti Spyware, in that order, one after another.
Comodor found Zero Threats in 501624 files scanned.
AVG found 228 infections in 1155092 files, 123 of which it cleared, and 105 that were considered dangerous enough to possibly cause a crash or malfunction of my computer if deleted. They were later eliminated - after checking their identity.
Super Anti Spyware found 51 threats - in an unstipulated number of files - in total and these were eliminated.
If these other AV programmes found these items, and especially the ones that were considered dangerous, does that mean that Comodor’s safety level is lower than the other two?
I would like to know if there is a way to ensure that Comodor will find ALL infections.

I am not sure where to actually post this question, so if this is the incorrect place, I would be grateful if someone would either re-post it for me or tell me where it should be posted, as I can not find a forum title that would appear to take questions of this sort.

Thank you.


Hi Colin and Welcome to Comodo Forums;

Can you tell me what CIS Version did you use to scan? Also what Database Version? (CIS > More > About)


you shouldn’t be using 2 AV… SAS is a extra layer\scanner to clean waht an AV left \ does catch

We would have to know more about the found threats. Were they active malware? Or where they unactive malware sitting somewhere on your hd like in an archive or folder?

The strength of CIS lies in the combination of D+ with automatic sandboxing of all unknown files. Even when malware gets executed it is contained by the sandbox and can not do any harm to your system. During testing of v5, egemen the head developer told us mods, that they threw 15,000 malwares at the sandbox (not using av signatures) and none of them could do harm to the computer. That gives a bit of an idea of the protective strength of CIS (that is without using an av).

Which programs were actively protecting your system before you ran the scans?