Scanning Zip files

Hi I downloaded a large zip file today and automatically right clicked it to can it before opening or unzipping it. CIS didn’t scan the file…??? :THNK

The scan finished with Number of files scanned 0, so I thought very strange…then I remembered that in the setup I had come across a setting saying do not scan files larger than 2MB.

So on the summary screen I clicked on the Virus defence, Realtime virus scanning Active link( the word active is underlined.)
This took me to the virus scanning settings pop up window.

I clicked on manual scanning and altered the amount in the box at the bottom from the default setting to one that will cover most files that I download.

If I had not been paying attention at first and had not noticed the number of objects scanned was 0 I could have inadvertently tried to open an infected file. I know that defense+ would have stopped anything as soon as it was accessed but I prefer not to even get that far!!
I also do an online scan at of any files from dubious sources (torrents etc.) before opening them too

I thought I would share this with you all as it is not immediately apparent as to why the files are not being scanned and “novice” users may think the AV scanner is not working.


Threats that are compressed pose no threat to your pc as they just sit there, waiting, for you to execute them.

are you sure it’s 2MB size limit?
my default setting for CIS AV is do not scan files larger than 20MB ???

yes. it’s 20megs

My mistake, but the file I wanted to scan was 300mb and when I came to post this I had forgotten what the default was, I could remember a 2 so guessed at 2mb. I hope I haven’t alarmed any one :o

Thanks for that Kyle I knew the compressed file was no threat until decompressed, I always scan any file downloaded before opening it.