Scanning *.zip etc. - does 40 MByte limit apply to each item within the archive

When a 100 MB zip archive is copied from one HDD to another,
Does Comodo ignore the whole entity because it exceeds 40 MB,
or does it scrutinise each item inside which was originally less than 40 MB?

Does the same logic apply to 6 GByte partition images such as Macrium *.mrimg or Acronis *.tib, which Windows will automatically search through in the same way as *.zip etc.

NB This FAQ is now out of date with a 20 MB limit :-



CIS will look inside of the zip and if that is file is bigger than 40 then that file won’t be scanned.

Valentin N

I just did a quick test.

I zipped a folder containing various files, none of them over 40MB. The resulting .zip was over 100MB. Running a manual scan on the .zip didn’t scan anything. Increasing scan size to 200MB scanned the .zip and its contents.

So to answer your question, an archive is ignored if it is over the limit.

I don’t have Macrium or Acronis, but I would suspect the same result will occur.

Thank you both.

I block the internet and disable A.V. and Defence+ during heavy maintenance sessions - when I remember.

That is a habit I formed after I lost all partitions when I dried to add a new partition in empty space and I had closed all the obvious applications as recommended.

I forgot that habit very recently when copying 6 GB image files from the internal secondary disc to the external USB2 connected HDD, and all the copies were the correct sizes but most had MD5 checksum errors,
so I wondered about the possibility of a “fatal embrace” by the A.V. scanner on an image file as it was copied,
and so I then disabled A.V. whilst repeating the copy and the new copies were perfect.

From what you say it seems probable that I just had bad luck the first time,
and the next day I had better luck - and perhaps chose a better USB Port (so many to choose from).