scanning with screensaver

Avast! can scan for viruses whenever the screensaver is running. No need to put up with slow-running computer during scheduled scans. If Comodo could introduce this, I’d switch at once :slight_smile:

Hi, it’s a good idea and I think I can make one if I know more about maybe command line scanning. and I think it’ll be nice to display another screensaver too, which means:
COMODO ScreenSaver doesn’t contain any image, only program, but run another screensaver selected.

p/s: any idea what is cavscan.exe and cmdagent.exe ?

I do also like it when this function should be in comodo.
It’s very usefull. You do nothing and your pc start automatically scanning your system. I you be back the system stop scanning and resume the scan if you go back.

Sorry for some bad english words.