Scanning the whole Computer

There is no choice but one has to go for entire computer for scanning without ignoring any partition or drive.
During the process of scanning, the entire computer is totally blocked. Normal Browser’s are not opening at normal speed.
Can anyone share my views?

You can speed up this process if you know your computer is safe simply by adding the boot drive and additional drives as excluded in the scan. Once the scan is complete don’t forget to return these drives to previous setting so they will continue to be monitored as you use them.

There is no such option to exclude any drive or partition. It describe that scan entire computer. This will be done as routine job.

Hi Hallo,

What John is saying is temporary adding drives you know are safe to exclude into the Scanner settings exclusions list, then don’t forget to remove them after your manual scan.

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Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions.

You can add anything you want to that list. Note that this is a full AV exclusion. Meaning, anything you put on this list will never be scanned by any of the AV scan processes.

Something you may want to do instead would be to go to Scan Profiles and set up a custom scan to only scan the areas that you want to scan. Then have your scheduled scan run this instead of the My Computer profile. This way the files that exist on the partition or drive you want excluded from your scheduled scan will still be protected by the real-time scanning engine.