Scanning stops because disinfection failed

No problem with installation. After rebooting, updated everything to latest and started disks scanning. Trojan.win32.winos is detected in a file, message is disinfection failed and scanning stopped (no hdd activity for at least 1/2 hour. Clicked on stop, confirmation of stopping. process savsn.exe is still using aro 50% of cpu time and stays like this until I kill the process.
Bug? I have totally uninstalled Avast to give this one a try (I was and still am very pleased with Avast running on other computers)

I know, Komodo will get it eventually :o

Sorry, I don’t seem to have an answer for this one really. I do know that having more than one antivirus running at a time will cause conflicts. Wish I could help further.


Please do a manual check for any leftovers form the Avast install. NAV, MacAffee and others are notorious for leaving ■■■■ behind when uninstalled. Check services, WMI, etc. and do a search in regedit for any avast entries left behind.

If this fixes the issue, can you please post the results here so others can benefit. I’m pretty sure you’ll post here if it isn’t fixed. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:
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