Scanning speed is slow in some cases - how can I resolve this? (Draft)

We are sorry you are experiencing this problem.

CCAV is able to detect true zero-day malware at arbitrary depths in deep archives if archive scanning is switched on. There is a time penalty for this.

For the future they are working on speeding things up with additional servers, but meanwhile what can you do?

Here are some options:

[ol]- Switch off scanning of non-executable files. Any malware will in any case be detected when it is unpacked and run

  • Run a Windows disk clean-up to reduce the number of temporary files
  • If CCAV is taking a long time scanning signed archives you are sure should be trusted, add the files to AV Excluded Paths. It is safer to add the files individually or by careful multiple selection than to add the whole directory.
  • If CCAV is taking a long time scanning self-extracting archives (.exe subscript) you can also add the vendor of the archives to trusted vendors
  • Allow CCAV to scan to completion, even if it takes a long time. Happily CCAV does not consume to many PC resources when scanning (it’s using server resources instead).[/ol]

Files that may be worth excluding from scanning in Win 7 Sp1

  • all the signed Windows .cab files in C:\Windows\Checksur
  • all the MS-signed files in C:\Windows\Servicing
  • all the MS-signed files in C:\Windows\Software Distribution
    (And any subdirectories)

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