Scanning results

I am using the comodo Av and is running good with problems, I have it set to scan daily at 3:00 am, My question is how do I know if its scanning? Is there a result log somewhere? any help appreciated, thanks

Currently it does not log scheduled scans (or any scan).
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Thanks that answered my question, I had avast and it had a scan report, but I’ll just assume it did its job, no biggie, I’ll continue to use for at least a month to see how good it gets

Scanning daily is really overkill unless you regularly go to warez or porn sites and feel you have a high risk of getting infected. I scan once a week and there are some that even feel that is excessive.

Thanks, but my scheldule scan is at night while I sleep and it don’t hurt nothing and I think each to their own, I do visit warez and porn sites with no problem and virus or alerts. Just like you said some think once a week is excessive.