Scanning PC for Viruses, Malware, etc

I would appreciate any assistance…
I hope I’m entering this info in the right place.
It’s difficult to find this info as I can only sit for a very limited amount of time due to a medical situation.

I’m trying to scan my laptop for viruses, malware using Comodo’s free service.

I tried installing the plugin.

I got the Error Code of 0011 (some AV scanner files are missing) and the box is asking me to uninstall the scanner and reinstall it.

I’m a newbie…
How do I “uninstall the scanner”??

Thank you in advance.

hope you are trying to perform an online scan and thats were you get the error message. You need to uninstall the plugin from add/remove programs in control panel. have attached the screenshots for your reference

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Thank you for the reply.
However that plug in was not there on my computer.

Instead Of An Online Scan, Check With The Free Internet Security Suite From Comodo ?

Download Locations

32 Bit
Size: 76M ( 79033104 )
MD5: a56d0c3fb8f8597fbf2de66792ad5025
SHA1: af03cf4e069f81b2b5ca313cc39f658b94285152

64 Bit
Size: 77M ( 79969552 )
MD5: bb89ba89bbca37af3aee5676f547a73e
SHA1: 94d297ab9151cb37c2c0dc107000cf2aed98ac95

And try What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 in addition.