Scanning in background

I would like to be able to close scanning window, and not to stop or pause the scan. (currently scanning window stays on top of most applications and that is little bit anoying)

Would be great to have scanning window inside main GUI, like NOD32 has. (I posted in GUI wishlist)

I am also not a fan of how the scan window always has focus.

Yes, its very annoying. This window shouldn’t be “system modal”, staying on top of every other window. Its a large window and covers too much of my desktop. Also, it should minimize normally onto the taskbar, and not minimize above the taskbar. When its minimized, it should show the percent complete on its taskbar title.

+1 - the scanning window doesn’t really need to maintain focus.

Strangely, you can select to hide the scan dialogue for scheduled scans, but not for manual or on demand scans.

Hopefully, “stay on top” will be made optional in a future release.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Speaking of background… Is there a way to set the priority to low like AVG does so that it doesn’t grab my system so I can’t do any other work? When running it simply kills my machine.

I agree this to.

And +1 for the topic.