Scanning from context menu takes a lot of time to check for updates

Scanning from context menu takes a lot of time to check for updates, up to several minutes.

Additional information:

W7 64 pro. Everything is up to date. Hardware is quite fast. Internet connection is very fast.
This has been going on for months, I figured it was a Comodo issue and it would be solved one day or another so I waited quite some time to post about it. 88)
Since the issue occured every once in a while the update check was fast (within up to a couple of seconds). Just a couple of times in these months. Most of the times, every other scan takes a lot of time to check for updates. Sometimes it is only the first scan, like today: After the initial scan that took over 2 minutes, the succesive scans had an update check of around 2 seconds.

What can be the matter?

When an update takes long CIS may be downloading the full AV database; the logs may be able to tell you. It does that every once and a while. It used each approx three weeks now the frequency is less but I don’t know from the top of my head.

When you first do a quick scan and then another quick scan in the Windows session the second scan will be quicker. With default settings Enable scanning optimizations is enabled. That means that the av will remember what files it already has scanned either by the Resident Shield or after by running the cache builder task in the background. The cache will be valid until the next update of the AV database. That’s why a subsequent quick scan will be quicker than the first quick scan.